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Copy and Paste to Word doc and email to miloelektric@excite.com

miloelektric@excite.com(614) 432-9716  Principal Contact (please complete) Name:_____________________________   Company:__________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________ City:___________________________   State:_______  Zip Code:____________________________________ Tel: _________________________________________ Fax __________________________________________ E-Mail:________________________________________ ð       Yes please add the list to receive a update email  Sponsorship Items: 
  1. $100 – please provide info/samples for gift bags
  1. $500 - please provide info/samples for gift bags, company name on all written information provided to participates
  1. $1000 - please provide info/samples for gift bags, company name on all written information provided to participates, ability to have your info posted (posters, banners etc..) as one of the main sponsors for event, also if you have a speaker that would like to participate let us know the topic and name.
 Method of Payment Sponsorship Total: please choose option  
  • Option 1 ($100) ____
  • Option 2 ($500) ____
  • Option 3 ($1000)  ______
Total cost: _____________________    Please submit a 50% deposit upon signing of agreement and remainder due before 90 days before event. Signed contract to will secure your sponsorship, Thank you! Payment options: ·          Paypal ·          Company Check ($45 bounce check fee will be applied as needed) ·          Cash  Receipt of payment will be given for all options.  Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________

Terms of Agreement:

This agreement is effective as of ___________ (date) and shall remain effective until the “Event” ends. This agreement defines the terms under which elektric and  ___________________________________________________________(“Sponsor”) enter into a sponsorship agreement for the 2010 Wedding Conference.  Miscellaneous:This Agreement shall become effective on the date signed below and will remain in effect until all responsibilities set out are fulfilled. The parties acknowledge that they will use their best good faith efforts to negotiate and resolve subsequent issues that may arise from this Agreement as a result of unforeseen occurrences and that may alter the conditions of this Agreement.  Cancellation policy:This agreement is effective as of the date signed below and shall remain effective until the Event ends or until terminated by either party. All requests for refunds must be in writing, received, and confirmed 90 days prior to the event. Contracts cancelled up to 90 days of the event will be issued a refund based on a prorated basis. If sponsoring promotional items, once the contract is signed and the item is in production, there shall be no refunds. You may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying the sponsor in writing or by email. Upon such termination, return to the Sponsor the portion of the Sponsorship fee pro-rated for the time remaining in the contract. __________________________________________________________________Signature                                                                                                                                               Date___________________________________________________________Counter Signature                                                                                                      DateEmail  or mail completed contract and payment information to:Lisa Hill, elektric 1032 E17th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211miloelektric@excite.com(614) 432-9716                                          Questions? Contact Lisa Hill


email to miloelektric@excite.com